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 [split] unable to post attachment
well as soon as I get 5 posts I'll share it with you.

I just went to look up how to attach a file.

I have to have 5 posts.
metulburr wrote Aug-08-2018, 09:20 PM:
split from another thread as it veered the conversation off course
How close are you to five post so we can see the file
well it says I only have 3.
Have you tried (remove)?
next one should allow to attach file
I hope so.

I hope so!

I still don't have the attachment bar at the bottom of my reply editor?
That's strange. I will ask some of the admins to check
OK thank you.
There seems to be an issue with our task manager switch user groups every 24 hours instead of 20 minutes. That is why it was being delayed. I manually ran the task and it switched you to the correct user group.

In the future if anyone needs to upload a file and is <5 posts an admin can manually switch you to the proper user group so that you have that privileged....or if the task manager hasnt ran like now. You can request things to admins/mods in private inquiries.
Thank you.

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