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 syntax error in an if statement at the else ?
Hi, I'm totally a nob to programming and just started with Python, so please forgive me if I'm not yet too familiar with the terms.

I'm trying to define a way which a code can be reuse to allow user to change the color of the turtle object. However, I keep getting error when I run it in the shell.

The error that I get in shell is saying error in line "else pc == "red": saying it is invalid syntax, the line that I ran is square("red").

I appreciate any help anyone can point out.

import turtle
pointer = turtle.Turtle()
increase = input("Enter amount to expand image.")
increase = int(increase)
side = input("How many pixels for each side?")
side = int(side)

def square(pc):
    if pc == "white":
    elif pc == "black":
    else pc == "red":
    for box in range(4):
else shouldn't have a condition its just
Thanks, Yoriz that's exactly what it was.

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