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tkinter.TclError: bad window path name
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tkinter.TclError: bad window path name
Hi all,
I am getting the error _tkinter.TclError: bad window path name ".!toplevel.!frame.!combobox
When I click on the "Columns" button the first time, it opens up a new window no problem.
When I click on the "Exit" button to close out the window and click on the "Columns" button again, I get the bad window error.
It is failing on line 19: column_values[i][j].grid(row=i,column= j)
Below is the code.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk
import tkinter.font as font

def get_columns(field_names):
    new_window = Toplevel(mw)
    new_window.wm_title("Select Columns")

    frame3 = Frame(new_window)
    framebot = Frame(new_window)

    for i in range(0,max_columns):
      j = 0
      column_values[i][j].grid(row=i,column= j)

    exit_button = Button(framebot,text='Exit',font=("Times",16),command=new_window.destroy).pack(side="right")

# Start the main program here
if __name__ == "__main__":
    current_file = __file__

    frame1 = Frame(mw)
    framebot = Frame(mw)

    w1 = Label(frame1, text="Database Name: ",font=("Times",16)).pack(side="left")
    dbase = StringVar()
    a1 = ttk.Combobox(frame1,width=40,font=("Times",16),textvar=dbase)

    field_names = ["A.a","B.b","C.c"]
    max_columns = 10
    column_values = []

    btn2 = Button(framebot,text='Columns',font=("Times",16),command=lambda: get_columns(field_names)).pack(side="left")
    btn6 = Button(framebot,text='Exit',font=("Times",16),command=mw.quit).pack(side="right")


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