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 unusual box appears
I get a photo of a friend from Indonesia. Upon clicking this photos a dialong box popped up and several entries were "automatically written" in a milisecond and then the box closed. Hence, now any time I want to open a photo file and any type a box opens up and closes in a heartbeat and then nothing opens. I used a high speed video camera and took a
screen shot" and then watched it in slow motion. The box said,

"Error processing line 3 of C:\Program Files (x86)Gimpshop\Python\lib\images\pygtk.pth:
Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Program files (x86)\Gimpshop\Python\lib\".line 164 package exec line File "<string>. line 1. in ,module> Import Error: No module named runtime Remainder of file ignored file "C:\Users\User\Old Data\airplane\C-GNSQ #588 panel (new).jpg". list Syntax error: Non-ASCII character '\xff in file C:\Users\User\Old Data\airplane\C-GNSQ #588 panel (new).jpg on line 1. but no encoding declared:see for details
So, I am not a programmer, far from it, and I would like to know what this "thing" is nd how to remove it from my computer. I feel it is up so no good, perhaps. Thanks for your help.
It looks like it's having an issue with the name: 'C-GNSQ #588 panel'
I would be very suspicious of a file with a name like this on windows.

perhaps isolate it, and open with a file dump program to see if you can figure out contents before deleting.

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