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 virtualenv activate.ps1 hash error

I try to work with a virtual environment under windows

I'm using Python 3.6, installed on c:\Python36-32 and everything I do as a command runs from the PowerShell console running as administrator.

> I created a project folder located on c:\myProject and a folder for the environment ; mkdir virtenv.

> Then I launched virtualenv .\Virtenv -> OK.

> Then I run the order .\virtenv\scripts\activate.ps1 -> ExecutionPolicy block the script
> Set-ExecutionPolicy AllSigned and then .\virtenv\scripts\activate.ps1 -> Error "the hash of the file did not match the signature"

>if I download the original archive and replace activate.ps1 I get the same error
>if I remove the security (set-executionpolicy remotesigned) everything works, the environment is activated well.

Is it normal that the the official archive file hash is not good?
how can I avoid blowing up security?

Thanks you in advance
(Jan-12-2018, 08:41 PM)po20 Wrote: >if I download the original archive and replace activate.ps1 I get the same error
Virtual environment is build into 3.6 trough venv.
Here a tutorial .
Also read first part so you can stop using terrible PowerShell when cmder is as good as any shell on Linux.
Thanks for cmder, I started to think that in fact python was not made for fact it's done, with cmder !

for the rest I do not understand : said "Support Python 3.6." ; I do not explain why it would not work with python 3.6.3 or why there would be a hash error

and said "Deprecated since version 3.6: pyvenv was the recommended tool for creating virtual environments for Python 3.3 and 3.4, and is deprecated in Python 3.6." ; I understand that this is no longer valid with 3.6

I'm going to test venv...


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