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 what happened to some of the other users?
By users i mean bunburya, KevinD, joneshf, setrofim, and stranac. Specifically stranac not active is odd due to him in the discussion of mutiny from old admin. bunburya still lurks in the IRC channel, etc. KevinD was at one time the only moderator of the forums. I dont think they would move on as most users do.
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KevinD wasn't active for a while before we moved. joneshf got busy I think, also hasn't been around for a while; I think he also got really into functional programming languages. Not so sure about the others.
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To be fair, functional programming languages take up all of your mental power while trying to figure them out. Maybe he'll be back.
There are pretty nice benefits to FP too though, some of which I wish Python would adopt (namely, more immutability). But I digress....
pure bliss!
Aside from lists, how much more immutability would you want? Almost everything is already immutable...
back in the 80's I worked in the spectroscopy instrument development engineering lab
as a consultant for Baird Corp. and Instrument Laboratories

Designing algorithms for matching photo-multipler tube output vs spectral lines location and
converting same into concentrations of element per ml (plasma, usually in parts per billion) was some of my favorite work.

Oh yea should have mentioned on Intel 8080 assembler using integer math!
What do you mean everything is already immutable? You can't create your own object in Python that acts like a tuple without a decent amount of effort. Language constructs for immutable variables (values, finalized variables, whatever you want to call them) would be great.

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