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 which one is better?
So I have the files that will on my local server and basically look like I want them to. What else do I need to do? I guess that's where I'm getting lost.
Doing some research it just seems like I upload the files to a web host, but I still need a domain name(?). So Flask and or django is used for keeping databases and so on? Python and or javascript is used to make the site interactive I'm guessing. I know I'm asking a bunch of newb questions but I'm just trying to get it all straight in my head.
Javascript is for making the page interactable, like by having animations.
The server side, where python would sit, is used for making the site dynamic, which means the content someone would see might be different each time they reload the page.
(Oct-30-2018, 05:10 PM)prophoss Wrote: So I have the files that will on my local server and basically look like I want them to
Flask and Django has build in web-server for local development.
So this make it easy to build and test all local,this is what i do often to learn and test out stuff.
Virtual environment is must to learn about,it now easy as it's build into Python from 3.6 -->.

If have maked something that want share with the world,need a host eg DigitalOcean.
It's also normal to have files on eg GitHub,BitBucket,then git clone repo_name will upload all files to DigitalOcean.

Now also leave local web-server behind and use production ready server like Gunicorn with Nginx.
DigitalOcean has very good tutorials about this:
How To Serve Flask Applications with Gunicorn and Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04

An other direction is not to do any server setup and let AWS Lambda do it all.
Quote:Run code without thinking about servers. Pay only for the compute time you consume.
Please go with the flask
To be honest, Python is always a good option but if you need just 3 static pages and no database then, either way, you will need a web server like Open LiteSpeed, Nginx, or Tornado which can handle the requests directly without Django or Flask, you don't need the frameworks. Flask is a better option, but you don't need anyone. Django provides just very basic development web server for development and both, Django and Flask need a web server for production. These frameworks are amazing for something bigger that needs a database and other connectivity, etc... But is there any need with 3 basic pages? I don't think so. If we really speak about static websites then you can use just HTML with CSS without any programming language but if you are gonna use Python then it doesn't mean that you need any CMS/framework. It doesn't give any sense if you don't go for the tools like admin interface, etc.

JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 work on the client side (while you don't use node.js).

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