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wxPython install on raspberry pi3 and python 3.6.2.
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wxPython install on raspberry pi3 and python 3.6.2.
Hi! all.
I tried some ways from the net, to install wxPython on my pi3 stretch (9) with python 3.6.2 and pip 9.0.1 and smbus2-0.2.0. But so far....not working and most of them have to much options. Do you have a simple detailed ways to install the latest full wxPython on my pi3. I' sure that could be helpful to others too. We're not all super python guys so we need some simple steps. Thanks all.
Try this:
I look at that address and the download from Sourceforge isn't good.
And more, this post is from 2013. Maybe since then, the install procedure has changed !!!
What can I do now.
This is new:
Google finds a lot of references

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