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 zooming in pyplot window
Hi guys,

I am a bit confused by the axis labeling that appears when I zoom-in in a typical 2D plot window.
Suppose I am in the region of x<0. I zoom in again and again. Of course, the units of the x-axis change from 0, -1, -2,... to, say, 0, -0.5, -1.0, ...

However, if I keep zooming in, on the righthand end of the x-axis, there appears a term of e.g. -3.273e1.

I was under the impression that this is simply the factor by which I have to multiply the respective value of the point on the x-axis to obtain the "real" value.
For example, if I am at x=10^-11, the zoomed-in x-axis would show a 1 at this point, and the term on the righthand side would give 1e-11.

Yet, I get negative values at the x-axis and a negative term on the righthand side leading to a positive product, even though I am in the region of x<0.
Am I missing something here?


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