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Full Version: PHP Gallery sorting by newest file
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Php Gallery

Found this neat php gallery, but im trying to get it to display the newest pictures first. The files are already being named by date so i think this should be doable. By newest picture i mean by creation time. And i would really appreciate some help here.

Found some posts about it referring to this function, but im struggling to incorporate it.
function get_files($images_dir,$exts = array('jpg')) {
$files = array();
$times = array();
if($handle = opendir($images_dir)) {
    while(false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
        $extension = strtolower(get_file_extension($file));
        if($extension && in_array($extension,$exts)) {
            $files[] = $file;
            $times[] = filemtime($images_dir . '/' . $file);
array_multisort($files, SORT_DESC, $times);
return $files;
Is this more related to Python than it looks at first glance? Or did you post on the wrong forum?
You sir are absolutely right, wrong forum indeed. lol