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Full Version: w/o Django
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so who here does web development without using Django? and what do you use? who uses just WSGI by itself?

to me, keeping things simple includes minimizing dependencies on other software. you can't totally avoid it in virtually all cases. but at least i can narrow it down to just a few essential things.
I use Django (and love the idea of frameworks)
I like Flask. It does the minimum that you'd end up doing yourself anyway, and is open enough that you can plug in different libraries for things like template parsing.
Hey Skaperen, I don't use Django or any framework. I used Django for some work I wanted to get done and move on. I used Bottle too but it looks like it's not maintained.

Framework have their use but not every single one of them is perfect for anything, and sometimes you can't find anyone perfect for a certain work. So I think if you want to develop a complex app and maintain it for a long time, the extra time need it by skipping a framework is many times recovered by not depending on it and not be constrained by the inherent limitations and opinions of a certain framework. Especially with python I'd say.