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Full Version: Python Code Improvement (15 y.o kid)
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I was wondering about for some time should I show my (should I say) first Python project that has a little bit of usage, not that much, but it may be valuable for someone, you don't know.

My project is about scraping prices from certain product on eBay. It uses BeautifulSoup and Requests to take out prices of product, on another (for example) 30 pages (so, if one page has 50 products, 30 pages should have 1.5k).

After all, it scrapes 1.5k prices from the products and finds the average price of that product. My question is:

Is there something interesting I should add in this project (because it's not intereseting and useful) to make it a little bit "normal". I thought to add for example for some certain country or something like that, but I think I need your help. Can you tell me should I add something like that for country and show someone that project. I am 14 y.o so please don't judge me, I really need help.

I know this is question based on different opinions, but I think this is the only place to ask and get a normal answer!

Also, if you have any idea I should add, feel free to say it! Thank you in advance! (Also if you manage to tell me idea, please say what do I need to learn to make it happen)
Don't be afraid to show your code. You may get some very useful advise on improvements you could make,
or learn some new shortcuts.
Cross post:

Your post is very difficult to follow. My recommendation would be: created a Github, post your code there, document your code thoroughly (I assume it's not documented), and then post back here.
Well, the price is something subjective. You should add to the price of each offer the shipment price too and after that get the average. You can print how many products fit in the average price and for example the top 10 sellers with the highest rating from that list. Ask yourself if you are a buyer what you would look for and what do you want to know to make a decision for a purchase.
I was thinking about this. Wouldn't automating websites like those be technically prohibited? I know I have seen a lot of videos and blogs being taken down because they promoted scraping on such websites..
eBay has filters so you can do this without scrapping the website but it's good for learning.