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Full Version: Beautiful Soup - Title + Paragraph into a text file
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Hi all,

I am trying to extract a heading and a title, there is something not quite right about this

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
html = '''\
<h2 class="Title">section1</h2>
<p class ="mainparagraph">article1</p>
<span class="1"> hello 1 </span>
<h2 class="2"> hello </h2>
<span class="2"> hello 2 </span>
<h1> Lorem Ipsum</h1>
<p> 1 Lorem ipsum dolor </p>
<h2> Lorem Ipsum</h1>
<p> 2 Lorem ipsum dolor </p>
<h1> Lorem Ipsum</h1>
<p> 3 Lorem ipsum dolor </p>",'lxml')

soup = BeautifulSoup(html, 'lxml') 

#soup = BeautifulSoup(open("a.html"),'lxml')

links = soup.findAll('h2', {'class': ['Title']},limit=1)       

with open('New.txt','w') as Output_File:
    for link in links:
        names1 = link.contents[0]
        links = soup.find('p', {'class': ['mainparagraph']})
        names2 = link.contents[0]

        Output_File.write(print,names1.extract()+ '\n', names2.extract())

I am not sure if I am meant to append the results ?

thank you
First how to find and select.
>>> h2 = soup.find('h2', class_="2")
>>> h2
<h2 class="2"> hello </h2>
>>> h2.text
' hello '

>>> p = soup.find('p', class_="mainparagraph")
>>> p
<p class="mainparagraph">article1</p>
>>> p.text

>>> # Using Css selector
>>> h2 ='.2')
>>> h2
[<h2 class="2"> hello </h2>, <span class="2"> hello 2 </span>]

>>> h2_2 ='h2.2')
>>> h2_2
[<h2 class="2"> hello </h2>]
>>> h2_2[0].text
' hello '

>>> p ='p.mainparagraph')
>>> p
[<p class="mainparagraph">article1</p>]
>>> p[0].text
You doing some stage stuff in write like using print.
with open('h2_headings.txt', 'w') as f_out:
    for tag in'h2'):
section1 section2 hello Lorem Ipsum
Output_File findAll look at PEP-8.
So this would be output_file find_all(bs4 keep the old way findAll for backward compatibility).
Hello S,

thank you for those pointers.

I am trying to put these 2 lines into a text file

<h2 class="Title">section1</h2>
<p class ="mainparagraph">article1</p>

I managed to only get the h2 extracted
Next I wanted to get the paragraph class mainparagraph
I dont know how to append the paragraph into my text file

I can create 2 loops - opening it once then again - but that seemed a bit redundant.
I'm not sure how to put it together the final result
let me see..
(Jul-14-2018, 12:42 PM)dj99 Wrote: [ -> ]I am trying to put these 2 lines into a text file

<h2 class="Title">section1</h2>
<p class ="mainparagraph">article1</p>
>>> tags ='.Title, .mainparagraph')
>>> tags
[<h2 class="Title">section1</h2>, <p class="mainparagraph">article1</p>]

>>> for tag in tags:
...     print(tag.text)
Then look how i written to text file in post before.
Thank you S,

I think i overcomplicated it with my initial looping

This is a lot more simpler

Have a great weekend!