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Full Version: Problem with NTLM to download data
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I am new in python and after two days of research I am stuck on a little issue with API and NTLM package for Anaconda. I want to grab data from my office's website (we need to use credentials) it was working perfectly on the IDE provided by Python but for various reasons I have decided to switch for Anaconda. I try to use the same code on Spyder (with anaconda) if I use the version 2.7 I have an error 401 but the code is 'working' otherwise I have on the IDE 3.5 an error occuring due to the ntlm package.

Any help would be nice please I give you a draft of the code I wrote (the one which is working on python IDE):
def Elastik(date,algo=""):

   import requests
   from ntlm import HTTPNtlmAuthHandler

    return result
Thx in advance for the help provided!!!!!!
When you installed NLTK did you install the Corpus?
If you need instructions, they are here