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Full Version: Webscraping homework
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Hi all, I really need some help with a Python assigment. The assignment consists in writing a Python code to web scrape data and assemble a dataset.

The goal of the python code will be to automatically download and save to local disk all .xls fi les available at . These are clustered in three groups:
• SAT test results 1998-2016
• ACT test results 1998-2016
• AP test results 1998-2016
each consisting of 18 individual .xls files. The scraper should parse the webpage (with requests.get()), identify the links of the files (with BeautifulSoup()), and save the contents of each individual URL in a distinct file (with requests.get() and .write()).
What do you have so far? What errors are you getting?

We can help, but we won't just do it for you lol