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Full Version: Manipulating an image in python
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Hi guys,

I am trying to build a program which takes an input from an external source - WEB - and insert it into my app.

I am thinking on having a map as an image and then based on the input I receive to make modification to that particular image.

The question is : which is the easiest way to start in : - adding images into my python code background etc.
- manipulating the images inside my app.

Example: I have in my background a map of a city. I would like to cut that map into multiple sections, like neighborhoods or maybe streets etc.

Then I would take an external input from web lets say and then based on that input I can say make a led flash on the map.

Appreciate any responses given, thanks!

#sorry if my question is stupid :)
Hello and welcome to the forums!
I am not very familiar with the subject, but I suppose your best bet is to check Pillow module.
Let us know if it suits your needs, and if not, explain further what you need. Good luck!
Thanks for replying. Will give it a try. Thanks.