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Full Version: I need to know how to put my SQLite3 data into a Treeview
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Hi, I have to create a GUI that can retrieve stored information about students. I am pretty new to Python and Tkinter and very new to SQLite3. I am very very close, but I can not get my treeview to work. I have tried everything I can think of and have watched numerous videos online. I am wanting to display the stored data in a list-like format. The only thing I can think of is a treeview widget. Here is my code

from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk
import tkinter.messagebox 
import sqlite3

conn = sqlite3.connect('database.db')
c = conn.cursor()

class Application:
    def __init__(self, master):
        self.master = master
        # heading label
        self.heading = Label(master, text="Update Student Info",  fg='green', font=('broadway 40 bold')), y=0)

        # search criteria -->name = Label(master, text="Enter Student's Name", font=('arial 18 bold')), y=60)

        # entry for  the name
        self.namenet = Entry(master, width=30), y=62)

        # search button = Button(master, text="Search", width=12, height=1, bg='green', command=self.search_db), y=102)
        #report button = Button(master, text="View Report", width=12, height=1, bg='green', command = self.new_window), y=102)
    # function to search
    def search_db(self):
        self.input = self.namenet.get()
        # execute sql 

        sql = "SELECT * FROM records WHERE name LIKE ?"
        self.res = c.execute(sql, (self.input,))
        for self.row in self.res:
            self.name1 = self.row[1]
   = self.row[2]
            self.grade = self.row[3]
            self.checkoutdate = self.row[6]
            self.ebookname = self.row[4]
            self.bookcode = self.row[5]
        # creating the update form
        self.uname = Label(self.master, text="Student's Name", font=('arial 18 bold')), y=140)

        self.uschool = Label(self.master, text="School", font=('arial 18 bold')), y=220)

        self.ugrade = Label(self.master, text="Grade", font=('arial 18 bold')), y=180)

        self.ucheckoutdate = Label(self.master, text="Checkout Date", font=('arial 18 bold')), y=340)

        self.uebookname = Label(self.master, text="eBook Name", font=('arial 18 bold')), y=260)

        self.ubookcode = Label(self.master, text="eBook Code", font=('arial 18 bold')), y=300)

        # entries for each labels==========================================================
        # ===================filling the search result in the entry box to update
        self.ent1 = Entry(self.master, width=30), y=140)
        self.ent1.insert(END, str(self.name1))

        self.ent2 = Entry(self.master, width=30), y=180)
        self.ent2.insert(END, str(

        self.ent3 = Entry(self.master, width=30), y=220)
        self.ent3.insert(END, str(self.grade))

        self.ent4 = Entry(self.master, width=30), y=340)
        self.ent4.insert(END, str(self.checkoutdate))

        self.ent5 = Entry(self.master, width=30), y=260)
        self.ent5.insert(END, str(self.ebookname))

        self.ent6 = Entry(self.master, width=30), y=300)
        self.ent6.insert(END, str(self.bookcode))

        # button to execute update
        self.update = Button(self.master, text="Update", width=20, height=2, bg='lightblue', command=self.update_db), y=380)

        # button to delete
        self.delete = Button(self.master, text="Delete", width=20, height=2, bg='red', command=self.delete_db), y=380)
    def update_db(self):
        # declaring the variables to update
        self.var1 = self.ent1.get() #updated name
        self.var2 = self.ent2.get() #updated school
        self.var3 = self.ent3.get() #updated grade
        self.var4 = self.ent4.get() #updated checkoutdate
        self.var5 = self.ent5.get() #updated bookcode
        self.var6 = self.ent6.get() #updated ebookname

        query = "UPDATE records SET name=?, grade=?, school=?, ebookname=?, bookcode=?, checkoutdate=? WHERE name LIKE ?"
        c.execute(query, (self.var1, self.var2, self.var3, self.var4, self.var5, self.var6, self.namenet.get(),))
        tkinter.messagebox.showinfo("Updated", "Successfully Updated.")
    def delete_db(self):
        # delete the appointment
        sql2 = "DELETE FROM records WHERE name LIKE ?"
        c.execute(sql2, (self.namenet.get(),))
        tkinter.messagebox.showinfo("Success", "Deleted Successfully")
    def new_window(self):
        win2 = Toplevel()
        message = "Weekly Report"
        Label(win2, text=message).pack()
        treeScroll = ttk.Scrollbar(win2)
        treeScroll.pack(side=RIGHT, fill=Y)
        tree = ttk.Treeview(win2,columns=element_header,show = "headings", yscrollcommand = treeScroll)
        tree.heading("1st", text="Name")
        tree.heading("2nd", text="Grade")
        tree.heading("3rd", text="School")
        tree.heading("4th", text="Book Name")
        tree.heading("5th", text="Book Code")
        tree.heading("6th", text="Checkout Date")
        tree.pack(side=LEFT, fill=BOTH)
root = Tk()
b = Application(root)
root.resizable(False, False)
Any help would be appriciated
Can't run here as there's no database, so you need to tell us if sqlite3 part is working OK.
I can help with the tkinter, but need some sample rows from database.
are you running on tkinter or Linux, and which flavor of OS?
I think a text widget with columns is probably the way to go.
One other question, do you need to access the data by clicking or anything else we should know about?