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Full Version: web scraping help in getting the output
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import bs4 as bs
import urllib.request
import re
import os
from colorama import Fore, Back, Style, init
def highlight(word):
    if word in keywords:
        return Fore.RED + str(word) + Fore.RESET
        return str(word)
for newurl in newurls:
    url = urllib.request.urlopen(newurl)
    soup1 = bs.BeautifulSoup(url, 'lxml')
    paragraphs =soup1.findAll('p')
    print (Fore.GREEN + soup1.h2.text + Fore.RESET)
    for paragraph in paragraphs:
        if paragraph != None:
            textpara = paragraph.text.strip().split(' ')
            colored_words = list(map(highlight, textpara))
            print(" ".join(colored_words).encode("utf-8")) #encode("utf-8")
I will have list of key words and urls to go through. After running few keywords in a url, I get output like this
b'\x1b[31mthe desired \x1b[31mmystery corners \x1b[31mthe differential . \x1b[31mthe back \x1b[31mpretends to be \x1b[31mthe'
I removed encode("utf-8") and I get encoding error
Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\resea\Desktop\Python Projects\Try", line 52, in <module> print(" ".join(colored_words)) #encode("utf-8") File "C:\Python34\lib\site-packages\colorama\", line 41, in write self.__convertor.write(text) File "C:\Python34\lib\site-packages\colorama\", line 162, in write self.write_and_convert(text) File "C:\Python34\lib\site-packages\colorama\", line 190, in write_and_convert self.write_plain_text(text, cursor, len(text)) File "C:\Python34\lib\site-packages\colorama\", line 195, in write_plain_text self.wrapped.write(text[start:end]) File "C:\Python34\lib\encodings\", line 19, in encode return codecs.charmap_encode(input,self.errors,encoding_map)[0] UnicodeEncodeError: 'charmap' codec can't encode character '\u2019' in position 23: character maps to <undefined>
Can you help where I am going wrong please? Thanks
Do i need to use different encoding?
you show:
print(" ".join(colored_words).encode("utf-8")) #encode("utf-8")
yet error shows:
print(" ".join(colored_words)) #encode("utf-8")
Not the same code. Also, try encoding = None which is a long shot.
see: about u/2019