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Full Version: pull streams from Twitch with a keyword in title
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I am trying to figure out how to use python to do the following

Pull stream data from Twitch URLS (like 30 streamers)
Check if live
check if title = keyword

if title equals keyword play in VLC

if VLC plays stream with keyword


that is my goal

but if I can only get the Twitch data to pull then play. I can figured the other thing out also

Any help is appreciated.
Ok, this would take a lot of programming and researching. You would need lots of imports such as 'os', python already has that, to launch computer apps, 'selenium' to interact with the web and apps. Once you manage to get those you would have to research all the commands and modules for selenium, webdriver(inside selenium), and os. Oh one more thing you might need is subprocessing, but I think python already has that. So... a lot of work. If you decide to do it, goodluck