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Full Version: Django App
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I’m working in a project that consists in converting a local postgresql database (that uses sqlalchemy as the ORM) into a web application, in which I upload excel sheets, read them, do some small cleaning and then upload selected data into a postgresql database using Django’s ORM. The idea is to have the data in a server instead of in every user’s machine.
Everything is ok but data loading is taking too long since, I think, I am using panda’s dataframes to easily structure, read and save the data. In the local version of the library, I used lists and was way faster.

I don’t if it’s related to Sqlalchemy, Django, lists or dataframes. Any suggestions on how to read spreadsheets data and upload it into a postgresql database using Django?

Thanks a lot.
Is it possibly an SQL index issue?
In other words are the proper indexes in place to access your data efficiently?