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Full Version: Tensorflow offline build from source on CentOS 7
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I am new to Python and I am trying to build Tensorflow on a CentOS 7 box which has no internet connectivity. I have followed the tensorflow offline build instructions the best I can, and googled, googled and googled some more. Is the anyone who has done this? We have installed the Anaconda bundle on this box, but tensorflow is not a module. Really struggling with what I need to do to compile this from source, or any other way ?....Thx in advance
Try follow Installing TensorFlow on CentOS 7 Linux
(Mar-20-2019, 06:20 PM)riotto Wrote: [ -> ]CentOS 7 box which has no internet connectivity.
Build it on Pc with internet connection use Anaconda/Miniconda(which is stand alone distribution).
This mean after build TensorFlow you can use it from usb stick(or copy Anacond3 folder over) on Pc with no internet connectivity.
Anaconda comes with conda(there own package manager) but also pip so you can follow tutorial in link given.
CentOS 7 is a linux box...Will this work?
It looks like the Amutu offline build instructions and the tensorflow-offline repository, will only work for an offline build
of tensorflow_1.2.1 (2 years old now).

Does anyone know if there is an updated tensorflow-offline repository with proper patching of the bazel files that will allow an offline build for the new tensorflow_1.13.1 ?