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Full Version: How can we make the background transparent ?
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Hello, i'm french Dance , i'm using "FenetreNomJoueur.attributes("-transparentcolor", "dodger blue")" ( FenetreNomJoueur is my window) on windows that permit convert "dodger blue" in transparent so it's perfect, i've got my background trnasparent.
FenetreNomJoueur = Tk()# on crée une instance d'objet Tk (cette objet s'appel donc fenetrenomjoueur)
FenetreNomJoueur.attributes("-fullscreen", 1)
FenetreNomJoueur.config(bg="dodger blue")
FenetreNomJoueur.attributes("-transparentcolor", "dodger blue")
But when i put my script on Raspberry pi 3 ( Raspbian) this comand didn't work, so i don't get the transparent background, someone can help me please for find the correct command for Raspberry pi 3 ? I think the command -transparentcolor" is only for windows... because the attribute fullscreen works perfectly on Rpi3.

Thanks you
It is OS dependent, and I haven't found any reference to Raspbian
I found this one for Linux which might work: