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Full Version: Timecard
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Hey guys thanks for the forum and this resource. I am not much of a python programmer, my experience is mainly within arcpy and automating processes with in GIS softwares. I am attempting to create a timecard GUI using pycharm. I would like to create and deploy locally a front end GUI using tkinter. I have already created the access db to house the data. The db contains the following [tables] & ("fields"):


string"Last", string"First", date/time"Week Ending", date/time"Start Time",date/time"End Time", int"TotalHours" & string"Work Details".

string"Last]",string"First", string"[i]Type[i]"/this is a lookup with either Vacation or Sick as the choice, date/time"StartLeave', string"EndLeave", int"PTO_hrs"

Okay so here is my best attempt at articulating my vision:
Locally Deploy frontend that the user can enter and submit their hours daily or weekly if the user is scheduling vacation it will populate the appropriate table. Finally I would love for the GUI to have a button that shows an office calendar that displays scheduled vacations.

I greatly appreciate any help I can get.
So what have you written so far? And is the decision to use Access a final one?