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Full Version: flagged as spam
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my last post got flagged as spam and the javascript erased it so i can't review it to see why. did it get logged?
I don't see anything in the logs or spam queues for you. How do you know it was flagged as spam?
It's possible I'm just looking in the wrong place, I almost never go into the admin interface.
when i clicked "Post Thread" a screen came up which had a message that my post was flagged as spam. i gave no more information besides a link to what looked like a posting privileges list page. when i backed up, i got a new posting form that was empty. i can see that the "Post Thread" button is handled by Javascript. so maybe that did the flagging (not a secure way) and just loaded the "flagged as spam" page.

it was just a useless rant about how hard it is to download source for every version of Python from

another try worked fine. i type it all in, again, and the wording was surely different.
its a plugin we have restricting thread title most likely. Your title must of contained something from here
Quote:All users are not allowed to insert sequences of characters that have been flagged as spam into thread subjects. These include the following (separated by commas) http://, www., .com, or other TLD's, +91-, ^91-, sdf, fgh, ggg, hhh, Chinese characters, etc. These banned sequences update based on spammers abuse.

Looking into adminCP, people have recently attempted to insert .com, .org, .ru, http://, and 美 into thread titles within last 24 hours. Whihc all get blocked. .org was the latest at about 2 hours ago so i am assuming that was you, and you had that in your title?

We had to ban putting URL's into thread titles because that is a common spammer tactic.
i think i had "" in the title :(
Mine was just flagged now too, it had "HTTP" in the title was that the reason?
Anything that is link related will be blocked as spammers often use links in the title. Lately they have been splitting the link up http spam-site /etc..www., .com, and http are all flagged to be spam because of that.
is there a plugin that disallows posting until the user has looked around the forum, some, either looked at a few posts and/or done a few searches, like any decent noob would be expected to do?
im sure there is a way, but i dont think we want to implement that. It would restrict too much the ability to just post freely.