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Full Version: Thread update emails
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I thought I recalled at one point that a reply to a thread would generate emails for all the participants. I haven't seen this behavior in a while, although I do get emails for private messages and posts in the admin+moderator forum. Does anyone else get those emails?
I think you have to subscribe to get them. There is a setting in the User CP for automatically subscribing you to threads you post in.
I think at the beginning (when notifications were sent from metulbur's mail) it was on by default, but at some point it was reversed. Or maybe I am wrong and I switched it off, because receiving too many...
In UserCP -> Edit options -> Default Thread Subscription Mode: (dropdown menu) will change your default behavior. You also have checkboxes for PM's email notifications in there too. If it is set to "Do not subscribe" or "no notification" then that is why.

I think it was on by default at one point and we turned it off for some reason...i forgot why now. But each user can customize it.

You can subscribe to forums, as well as threads too. So maybe you have admin and mod subscribed to, but not threads you posted to.

Otherwise it could be the email server. Which we are still using SMTP, and there is a limit per day for the free option. The larger the forum gets, the more chance at one point we are going to max that out each day. EDIT: now thinking about it, we might of turned it off for default to reduce email traffic, as we would cap that limit easy if everyone had it set to on.
Ah, thanks metulburr, I had searched for "email" on that exact page, expecting it to be a checkbox like the rest of the stuff, totally missed that dropdown.