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Full Version: QLinearGradient Banding
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I am creating an application with PyQt5. I originally was using an image for the background of my program that has the correct gradient however recently wanted to make the interface dynamic/re-sizable.

To create and set the gradient, in the main window, I am using:

p = QPalette()
gradient = QLinearGradient(0, 0, 300, 400)
gradient.setColorAt(1.0, QColor(26, 29, 32))
gradient.setColorAt(0.0, QColor(39, 44, 49))
p.setBrush(QPalette.Window, QBrush(gradient))
The gradient however has banding between colours, it's not massively obvious in this picture but definitely present. I imagine it has something to do with colour depth but am unsure how to fix the issue.

There does not seems to be any methods that address this specifically, perhaps you can try to change the Coordinate mode ?
The coordinate mode just changes the method in which you specify the gradient coordinates. I think the gradient would need some form of dithering, I can't find anything in PyQt to do this though.