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Full Version: user authentication in python
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I am new to python and need a script for user management in mysql database. It should be able to create new user with some auto generated password . Also I need to give the newly created user read/write access on different database tables through the script. Kindly guide
There are a lot of pieces to this, and it will require you to develop a lot of skills. If your timeline is short, I suggest posting the the Jobs section of this board and hire it out.

If you want to learn all the parts I would suggest spending a few hours with a tutorial set such as the one by Socratica on Youtube to get the basics of program structure in Python. Free and entertaining (who IS that woman?) Then, pick a GUI and start to design the user interface. Once that is laid out tackle coding for each of the pieces of functionality that will be triggered by that user interface.

Others may have different approaches. But, like I said, this is a big-ish project and people aren't going to just write it for you except as a job. We would be happy to help you if you write it, guide you when you are stuck.