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Full Version: Quick sockets question...
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Before I post a code question, let me ask this first: I am trying to use an AF_PACKET socket. The Python docs at say that AF_PACKET is "New in version 3.7", however when I try coding it with V3.6.8 is doesn't complain. That said, I can't get it to work (but I also can't get an AF_INET socket to work, in certain circumstances).

So my quick question is: can anyone tell me definitively that AF_PACKET will not work in v3.6.8? (Getting 3.7 is not impossible, but not trivial).

Thank you.
AF_PACKET is already in the 3.6 documentation.
(Sep-26-2019, 05:11 AM)Gribouillis Wrote: [ -> ]AF_PACKET is already in the 3.6 documentation.

So it is, odd they would kinda mark it as 'new' like that. Thanks.