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Full Version: IDLE does not seem to be a GUI
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Newbie here. Just installed Python 3.8, and started reading a book on Python. The statement was made that IDLe is a GUI, and I should be able to use that to play with Python. When I start IDLE, all I see is a dos-like shell, with Python entry characters >>>>. So, what am I not understanding, and how do I get to a GUI for entering code or looking around?
I do understand use of Notepad++ and can use that.
Thanks for any help! Will undoubtedly be needed often...
Choose File -> New File in Idle's menu to open an editor window. When your code is ready, press F5 to execute.
OK got it. Just not what I expected. Thx!
Are you confusing GUI with IDE?
If so, might suggest installing Anaconda and using either Spyder for a more classical IDE (panels for output, code, and variable inspection) or Jupyter Lab which uses a notebook interface.
Thanks. may check them out but can continue at idle level. i'm used to ms access where gui is king!
For a better experience with Idle, you can install Idlex.
python -m pip install idlex
It enhances Idle with basic things such as line numbers in the editor... Don't forget to start "idlex" instead of "idle" after the installation.
Note @Ron38 I use Notepad++ for all my python3.7/pyqt5 coding (being an old school programmer) and while there are various IDEs out there I of come to find they each have their own little quirks you end up having to deal with -- so far I think my students have all gravitated to either the VS IDE or Thonny as being the least quirky. But if you are comfortable with using Notepad++ for coding and Terminal emulator for running your code (I use ConEmu rather clean and nicer than a straight command line interface) then I would just go with that. Everything has its pros/cons and all you need to do is figure out what works best for you
Hi Ron,
maybe Projekt Jupyter with Jupyter Notebook and Juypter Lab are interesting for you.
Try Classic Notebook and Juypter Lab in your browser without any installation
There are service provider offering the usage at no costs and no need for you to install anything on your os.
for example Online Jupyter Notebooks

Of course you can install it on your os also.