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Full Version: Unable fetch fucntion data in class in tkinter
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I am trying to fetch the data from text variable and image data in a function name loopCap and display it in __init__ function where I have created a canvas but due to mentioned below error I am not able to move further

Update: I was able to update the text but Image is still the major issues

For Text Error:

*(args + self._options(cnf, kw))))
_tkinter.TclError: unknown option "-textvariable"
For Image Error:

self.put_photo = canvas.create_image(70, 250,, anchor='nw')
AttributeError: 'StartPage' object has no attribute 'photo'
Actual Code Sample:

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import *
from tkinter.filedialog import asksaveasfile
from tkinter import messagebox
from PIL import ImageTk, Image

im = "BG.jpg"
class SampleApp(tk.Tk):
    def __init__(self):
        self._frame = None
        self.ard_stat = read_json(JSON_PATH)

    def switch_frame(self, frame_class):
        """Destroys current frame and replaces it with a new one."""
        new_frame = frame_class(self)
        if self._frame is not None:
        self._frame = new_frame

class StartPage(tk.Frame):

    def loopCap(self):
        with open(JSON_PATH) as json_file1:
   = json.load(json_file1)
        if['status'] == 'ACTIVE':  # and (['RH_img']!= 'null' or['LH_img']!= 'null')
            a = self.text.set(['status'])
         if['RH_img'] == 'NA':
         self.img =
         self.img.load() = ImageTk.PhotoImage(self.img)
       self.label['image'] =
       self.master.after(500, self.loopCap)

 def __init__(self, master):
        Frame2 = tk.Frame(self.master)
        Frame2.pack(fill='both',expand = True)
        self.photo_back = ImageTk.PhotoImage(im)
        lab_1 = tk.Label(Frame2, image=self.photo_back)
        lab_1.image = self.photo_back, y=0, relwidth=1, relheight=1)
        canvas = Canvas(Frame2, width=1000, height=700), y=0, relwidth=1, relheight=1)
        canvas.create_image(0, 0, image=self.photo_back, anchor='nw')
        self.text = tk.StringVar()
        canvas.create_text(230, 170, fill="white", font="Times 20 bold", 
        textvariable=self.text, anchor="w")
        self.label = tk.Label(canvas)
        self.put_photo = canvas.create_image(70, 250,, anchor='nw')
        self.master.after(500, self.loopCap)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app = SampleApp()
text variables need to be of type StringVar()
fetch value with varname.get
Hi, I was able to update the text data using canvas.itemconfig() but still facing the issue of calling image data from loopCap function in __init__ function as I have edited my main question and updated the image error which I am still facing there.
Please help me in resolving this issue. Will be very helpful