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Full Version: Beginner in need of advice on web based data visualisation
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Hello folks,

Absolute Python beginner here! I am working in a small company that collects data from physical sensors, and then visualise the transformed data for our customers. Currently I am using a very heavy and rigid tool which is causing a lot of frustrations, and I am looking into the pros and cons of transferring to Python instead. I need to create interactive visuals like bar and line charts which can be embedded into a webpage. I could really need some advice from the more experienced people here. What subforum should I ask about this, Data Science or Web Development?

Cheers, Mike
It sounds more like for web development. But at the moment your question is mainly focused on the visualisation.
When it comes to reading data from sensors it well may go in the Networking.

As to visualisation - there are number of options, e.g. look at for overview of some of them. If it comes to, check also dash
You may also look at different webframeworks
Also you may have a look at Grafana There is an API
There are plenty of related packages on PyPI