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Full Version: Python values on a WebPage
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I want to make a web site that I want to take some values from a Python program that runs continuously on my raspberry. I mean that the site should use some variables from that program.
My idea was, if there is available one of this, to use a web database to store the variables from the raspberry, and read them from a website I will host pythonanywhere but I don't know if there is something like this free. I am not sure which web site host I will use. Another idea is to use <LINK REMOVED> and an HTML site, but I am not sure if I can read databases with HTML.
Do you know any free web database?
Do you have any other suggestions?
I am open to everything!

Thanks in advance!!
Heroku is another place that you can host your web app and they also host different kinds of databases. The free plan has some restrictions (like your app has to be asleep for a certain number of hours in each 24 hour period or something), but certainly I've found it more than enough for my personal projects.