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Full Version: Django finance tracker
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I would love to have feedback on my idea. Thanks in advance :)

First of all: Im relatively new to Python and Programming in general. I did a lot of tutorials, learned the standard syntax and tried out a lot of modules. I feel like I don't learn enough anymore and want to have my first real big project to really get out of the watch-tutorial-flow and really learn the modules by working with them. My idea:

A personal finance tracker:

I thought about using Django, because I want to learn a popular Web-Framework. I thought about dividing it into different apps:

In one app you should be able to input data of the expenses(price, category, automatic timestamp, etc.) that is going to be saved to a database (sqlite)
In another app you should have an (interactive) dashboard, that uses the data from the database and plots some graphes etc.

- User-System to make the Webapp usable for other people
- Update sqlite to MySQL or other bigger databases
- Use some API or something to get data from your bank, so you don't need to manually type in the expenses My

- Is the project too ambitious/to big? As I already said, I want to use the project to go deeper into working with the topics like webframeworks, databases, modules like pandas, matplotlib etc
- Do you have any feedback on the idea? What would you change? What other modules/frameworks would you use?

Thanks a lot guys and im looking forward to your recommendations! Cheers!
Hi there. I think you have a cool idea that would best be used as a personal project to help you learn Python/Django as well as the packages you mention.
At the base of it, having an app for entering finances vs. visualization sounds like a good idea. With multiple users, it'll make you think about things like security (how can I make sure the users won't be able to see expenses for a different user?).
If you plan to eventually (or optionally) move to a larger database like MySQL or Postgres, I'd suggest you might as well start with one of those instead of convert from SQLite. That is, unless you'd also like to learn how to configure databases when switching.

That being said, this sounds like a great project to learn about the concepts. Have fun!