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Full Version: Help using BeautifulSoup in
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Hello everyone. I am new here and new to python in general so I apologize if I am not fluent with terms or explanations (still learning). I started experimenting because I wanted to run a http proxy on my raspberry pi to allow my vintage Macintosh plus to browse the modern web without running into any JavaScript or other formatting errors (as you can imagine my web browser is ancient). I found this python project on GitHub that does exactly this.


Anyway I ran the two python scripts that came in the zip and it actually worked! Websites in Macweb 2.0 looked half decent and usable. But some links would not load when I clicked them. I am still not sure weather this is my web browser or a problem in the proxy but I remember getting this error message when I run the first script (

[Image: nzZWpRs]

I have beautiful soup installed but from what I understand it is not using it as the default html parser. Anyone know how to fix this?