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Full Version: Scraping lender data from Ren Ren Dai website using Python. I will pay for that 200$
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Dear all,
I want to scrap data from the a website. The data relates to lender details. I want the data for data analysis purposes. So I do not want the confidential data related to the lender names or address. I read in a website how to srcrap the data using python but because I can not use python I can not do the scraping.

This is the website the explains how to do that:

I attached also a sample of how the extracted data looks like and highlighted the important fields that I want in yellow. You can send me to my whatsapp .... here for any further details.

Thanks in advance.
This is not how it woks here,we help people who want to learn not doing free work without some effort.
WhatsApp info removed.
Post in Jobs section if it's a job.