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Full Version: can't access data from URL in pandas/jupyter notebook
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Hi everyone

i'm new to python. I'm in training and i started using jupyter notebook on a project
I wanted to work with covid data. I took the raw data from John Hopskins Git hub via URLs
i got data for confirmed cases, deaths and recovered. Each set of data is on a different url
Everything works fine except recovered cases. apparently i can't access the data since in my code, it returns NaN
I don't get why...
Here are my screen shots
Feel free to ask me anything, i'll try my best to give you any detail needed

I know i'm not supposed to attach screenshot and rather copy/paste my code but i'm not sure the code is the problem here, since it works fine with the other files...
i've copied.pasted the URL again and again, thinking maybe the adress was incomplete but it doesn't seem to be faulty...

Thank you so much
Have not played with that dataset. Is it possible the values are strings, ie "1012" rather than numbers? would look at the data first.