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Full Version: Jupyter:On my computer, where csv file is?
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I have been using Jupyter for a month. To train myself with the pandas libraries, I used the Santé France website to get a dataset as a csv file. I changed the name of the file and called it
"open_stats_coronavirus.csv". Every time I run the Notebook, no problem. It works. But what I don't understand is that I can't find this file anywhere on my PC.
I found a file that could be this one covid-hosp-txad-age-fra-2022-02-26-19h09.csv. That would mean that when the Jupyter Notebook opens it under another name, pd.read_csv("open_stats_coronavirus.csv", sep = ';') , it is possible?
Do you have an explanation?
There is something I don't understand.

It's unknown what operating system and version of Jupyter you are using. Are you using Jupyter Lab?

In JupyterLab, FileBrowser tab, on file name bring up contextual menu (usually right click) and among others there are following options: 'Copy Download Link', 'Copy Path' and 'Copy Shareable Link'.
The operating system is Windows10. The version of Jupyter is NoteBook as opposed to Jupyter Lab. The Jupyter version is 6.5.4.