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Full Version: Upgrading pip behind a firewall
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I'm having a problem upgrading pip from behind a firewall.
I usually have no problems installing modules:
pip --proxy pyodbc
but having a problem with the 'pip --upgrade'
I tried and tried and nothing works:
pip --proxy --upgrade pip
pip --proxy --upgrade
pip upgrade --proxy pip
pip --upgrade --proxy pip
Any help is appreciated!
Thank you!

Does pasting the content of the above page into a file called on your system and then running the below command work for you. ( execute the below from the folder in which the file is present :) )


Reference -

If the above doesn't work, I think I remember running into the same problem and then somehow getting it upgraded/installed in a python virtual env.

You might want to try the above in a python virtual environment too

Hope the above helps .. 🙂
Thank you!