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Full Version: Suds client response error
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We are using python suds client to connect to our internal web service. This works pretty well, but occasionally we get the following error which is hard to reproduce. Any idea if this is bug in suds itself and fixed in a later version ?

result = service(*args) File "...\lib\python2.6\suds\", line 539, in __call__ return client.invoke(args, kwargs) File "...\lib\python2.6\suds\", line 598, in invoke result = self.send(msg) File "...\lib\python2.6\suds\", line 627, in send result = self.succeeded(binding, reply.message) File "...\lib\python2.6\suds\", line 659, in succeeded r, p = binding.get_reply(self.method, reply) File "...\lib\python2.6\suds\bindings\", line 148, in get_reply nodes = self.replycontent(method, soapbody) File "...\lib\python2.6\suds\bindings\", line 75, in replycontent return body[0].children AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'children'
the error is resulting in body[0] being None.

I would just post an issue for them on their repo

The pypi one is old and outdated from 2010, make sure you are using the new one. As well as python2.6 is now considered obsolete. Even in a few years python2.x in general will no longer get updates.