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Full Version: web scraping using selenium
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I want to learn web scraping using selenium(like login into the website with/without username & password then scrolling into the page). There are so many tutorials available in the web. But I don't have any idea, which tutorial is better to start from the basic and then to the deep/advanced level. If anyone in the forum recommend any tutorial like I mentioned, please let me know.
Everyone's learning methods are different. You must choose the one which enable you understand better. I had quick a glimpse through this tutorial and I quite enjoyed it.

Again, it might be easy for me to understand and follow, that doesn't necessarily mean the same to you.
I have a couple of tutorial here part-1, part-2.
In part-2 there is a Selenium/PhantomJS example.
Should first try(if unsure what's used) with regular tool(Requests,BeautifuSoup,lxml),
if they can not solve it because of JavaScript then bring in Selenium/PhantomJS.
in here there is an example of logging into facebook and scrolling down.