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Full Version: Need help with Django 2.0 + Facebook SDK
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Hi there! Did not find any relevant topic for my problem.

The situation:
  1. Developing Django-based web-application.
  2. Authorization via Facebook using django-allauth - it is done, works well.
  3. Need to view Facebook friends on the user's profile using Facebook OpenGraph API - the problem is here!

Code in
I understand that smth is wrong with user access token. It seems to be a simple question but I`m frozen.
I read Facebook SDK docs and OpenGraph API docs but can`t understand wtf.

How can I handle the issue?
(Jan-29-2018, 07:01 AM)Larz60+ Wrote: [ -> ]see:
Hi! Thanks for your answer but read the post attentively, please. There is no problem with login, it works.
It is a problem in getting logged in user data via OpenGraph API.
Solved. Thanks to everybody who even thought about the issue :)
please share so others with the same problem can benifit.