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Full Version: Click on unusual class button using mechanize Ask Question
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So I've been trying to click this button using mechanize/anything else (except selenium - I don't want to use selenium due to it being GUI-based) but haven't found a way using Python.

Here's the HTML code:

<div class="ncss-col-sm-6 pr7-sm pt2-sm pb2-sm ta-sm-r"><a tabindex="0" aria-label="Join or Log In" class="js-log-in small text-color-grey d-sm-ib va-sm-m mr4-sm">Join / Log In</a><a href=""><figcaption tabindex="0" aria-label="Help" class="small text-color-grey d-sm-ib va-sm-m mr4-sm">Help</figcaption></a><a href="#" class="js-lang-tunnel"><img class="test-flag d-sm-ib va-sm-m" alt="us" src="//"></a></div>
I want to click
Join or Log In
, but it's not a usual HTML button to be found with a quick google search.

(Page I'm working on is

Any idea how to get around this?
(Feb-17-2018, 07:34 PM)Coto Wrote: [ -> ]I don't want to use selenium due to it being GUI-based
You can use headless to have it in the background, which does not use resources