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Full Version: How to render xml with extended xslt
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Hello everyone,

I'm new to playing with XML files

I'm trying to render XML file with XSL stylesheet file via code below in python3:
from lxml.etree as ET

def render_xml():
    xml_content = ET.parse(open('xml_file.xml', 'r'))
    xml_stylesheet = ET.parse(open('xsl_stylesheet.xsl', 'r'))

    transform = ET.XSLT(xml_stylesheet)
    rendered_xml = transform(xml_content)

    return HttpResponse(rendered_xml)
But it's rendered partially as image below:
[Image: iAZHuh2UVKHjeNTOMlSODRgICAuepqPsSF7TGw3I...88-h491-no]

It should be like:
[Image: Yn4kEnK190WLeKoU9b6F6r0RWjJzsE7TEmK2a8gu...58-h630-no]

Can anyone help to show where the problem is?

Here are the files: