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Hi friends,
I am having an URL which has reports, it has some condition to filter say id, dates(from date & to date)then if we click submit it will display the list of records. In the reports we have button called "download data" which will ask to save in pdf/csv/xlsx/word and on choosing one option by default it will download in our C:\users\downloads\.

how to say this in python to download data by choosing id, dates(from date & to date) , by getting the input values from the user and save them in .csv format.

Will Python be able to do this?
what have you tried (show your code so far)
I am new this section and have only basic knowledge on Python like in order to web scrap we need lxml,JSON,requests,BeautifulSoup,pandas,django.. have some basic ideas in those.
Trying to learn, as my requirement from client is to do so..
I am looking for an option if this can be done in Python or not. If "YES" could you share some links which can work for me. If "NO" then i have to look for another option.
A good place to find tutorials of all python standard library routines (not packages) by subject is 'Python Module of the week' (PYMOTW) by the author of the of the 'The Python Standard Library by Example
', Doug Hellmann here:

There is an index available here:

You will find complete sections on date manipulation:
urllib.parse here: , etc.

(But I would use the requests package for this which is documented here:
requests uses urllib3, but enhances what is available, and thus has more to offer).

For a general tutorial, I like this one:
But please check the tutorial section here, web scraping parts one and two,
and the Completed Scripts/Snippits on this forum.