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Full Version: Conversion needed from bytearray to Floating point
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Hello All,

I am stuck in very strange situation. My python code is talking to some third party device and getting data which is in bytearray format. I need this final value in real/float format
import ctypes
import struct
import math
client = c.Client()
client.connect('', 0, 3)

def get_db_row(db, start, size):
    data = client.db_read(db, start, size)
    return (data)
It gives me following output when input is
which is equivalent to (42H C8H 00H 00H) and Float value 100.0

I have tried many ways Wall Wall but I am not able to convert this byte array to output value 100.0
Can anyone please help?

Using struct should do it.
>>> import struct
>>> b = bytearray(b'B\xc8\x00\x00')
>>> b

>>> f = struct.unpack('>f', b)
>>> f
>>> f[0]
>>> type(f[0])
<class 'float'>