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The reputation button is located in the post on the bottom left side. Every user is allowed to give a (+1) ranging to a (-1) rating to another user. It can be based on a post or PM, etc. Reputation is seen in the postbit by everyone.

The idea is that just because a user has a lot of posts does not make them more educated in the matter. And vice versa. Where rep is given to them by other users based on the content and quality of their posts.

We ask that you do not loosely give out rep. Please do not give out rep because you like or agree with the post. That is what the like system is for. Also please do not give out negative rep just because a new user did not post their first post correctly. This is what the Warning system is for. You can alert mods by reporting the post and they will warn the user. Warnings are not permanent, reputation is. A new user not aware of the rules should not be accountable forever based on their first post (for example). An example of a positive rep is if someone spent a lot of time on their response. An example of negative rep is if someone is told to do something over and over and does not comply.

The reputation system is different than the like system as you are able to leave a comment regarding the specific post or action. It also has a detailed summary...whereas the likes system just give out a list of posts. The best way to increase your reputation here is to answer posts. The more questions you help answer, the more chances the person you helped is shocked enough to go to the extent of giving you rep.

Reputation is appearance only. Which means even if a user is in the negative for reputation...they can still reply and make threads. Reputation does not make/take away any privileges. If it deems unnecessary and impractical, negative reputation may be removed by team members.

Reputation is free. It does not cost you anything. However it is restricted based on what group you are in so that people do not give rep out recklessly. So there are limits of how much rep is allowed to be given out per day, and per thread. Check here for specifics on that.

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