Thread Tooltips and Quick Title Edit
Quick Title Edit If you click and hold a title when on a list of threads, you will switch to an input box that allows you to change the thread title. You must have the permissions to edit that first post. The just click off the input box or hit enter and it will submit it for change. The is much quicker than the alternative; going into the post and editing the post to edit the title.

  • If your a mod/admin you can do this to any thread title.
  • If your a regular user, you can do this to your own threads (if its not locked)
Thread Tooltips When on a list of threads, you can hover your mouse over the thread box (not on title text) and get a preview of the form of a tooltip of the original post. Likewise, you can mouse hover the link form the last post, and get a tooltip preview of the last post in that thread. All this without actually going into the thread.