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This will take you to a window in which will insert your forum username, the channel into freenode server. Click i am not a robot and connect button. This is IRC (Internet Relay Chat) on the server,on the channel #python-forum. It is a chatroom. You can get instant help from admins/mods/users, individual one on one help, problems with logging in, questions on why you were banned, etc. If you are not logged in, you will need to provide a username to log into the chat with.

We ask that you do not post python related questions here as that belongs on the message board. More people view the forum than IRC. You will have more answers and more people see your question on the forum. In addition, the forum retains the information for any possible future people that might have similar questions. There are times when chat is better than board, but you will be asked to go here instead from the person helping you. Most often a new user asking a python question on chat will be ignored or told to post in the boards.

If you are locked out of your account or problems registering, provide as much information as possible...such as username and email, and your problem. We use Stop Forum Spam to identify spam IP addresses. If you are blocked from registering create a message here and leave your browser open on chat, and an admin/mod will fix it as soon as possible. You can also try emailing admins or using the contact us form at the bottom footer to try to catch our attention faster.

This is a browser based client. As soon as you close the browser or that browser tab, you lose connection with the chat. Most people that use IRC often have a separate IRC client that allows them to consistently stay on indefinitely. You will only see chat that occurs while you are logged in. Thus the reason why people stay logged in all the time. You can install a client on your computer and connect to the same room with more features, and will also allow you stay logged in.

Windows (free): HexChat
Windows (paid): mIRC
Mac (free):
Lime Chat
Mac (free): Colloquy
Linux (Free): HexChat
Serverportchannel 6667 #python-forum

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