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How to ask Smart Questions
How to ask Smart Questions

We recommend you read in full How to ask good questions. This explains in more detail of the outline below.

Bad Thread Titles:
My code does not work!!?
I need help!!!!!!!!
please help
I get an error
I am a noob
Very Basic Question

click here for more in depth smart title explanation

Smart Post:
I am getting an IndexError, and not sure why? My goal is to print out the last list element.

This is my Code:

The Traceback i get is this:

I tried changing this and that, but i am still unsuccessful.

Be precise and informative about your problem

  • Describe the symptoms of your problem carefully and clearly.
  • Describe the environment in which it occurs. Provide the Python version, execution process, Operating System, 3rd party library, program structure, etc.
  • Describe the research you did to try and understand the problem before you asked the question.
  • Describe the diagnostic steps you took to try and pin down the problem yourself before you asked the question.
  • Describe any possibly relevant recent changes in your computer or software configuration. How did you install X program? From where? Provide the install link. Describe how you installed it, etc.
  • If at all possible, provide a way to reproduce the problem in a controlled environment.
  • Describe the goal, not the step. If you are trying to find out how to do something, begin by describing the goal. Only then describe the particular step towards it that you are blocked on.
  • Describe your problem's symptoms in chronological order
  • Describe the problem's symptoms, not your guesses
  • Write in clear, grammatical, correctly-spelled language
  • Volume is not precision
  • Use meaningful, specific thread/subject titles. From the title alone it should give a good indication of what the problem is. It should be a summary of your post. For the Smart Post above, you could use "I am getting an IndexError" or " Unexpected IndexError". If you are not getting the output expected and not getting an error at all, then it would be "Unexpected Output".
  • Separate the main question from the details to easily identify. Include a main question and do not assume the problem is obvious without it.
  • Be explicit about your question

Before you ask
  • Did you search the forum archives for a similar question that was already asked on this forum?
  • Did you search the web? Google it first.
  • Did you read the manual?
  • Did you inspect it yourself and try experimenting?
  • Did you ask a skilled friend?
  • Did you read the source code?
You should convey this type of information on your post to not sound like a lazy sponge and wasting volunteer's time.

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