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What to NOT include in a post
What to NOT include in a post
Please refrain from adding the following into your threads or posts you make:
  • For testing purposes, don't include raw_input() calls if you can hard-code the value that reproduces your problem.
  • Line Numbers. Your own line numbers with the code. Anyone who wants to help you, has to copy the code, and delete EVERY single number. You will end up with no responses.

    1while True:
    2    pass

  • Images of text. Please do not take a screenshot of your traceback or code, just copy and paste the text of it in the post using BBCode. If this text is within a popup that you cannot copy the text out of, please use this tool to acquire the text from within it (for windows users). We need to copy and paste your code and cannot do so with an image.
  • Off-site links to images. If (and that is a BIG if) you are required to post an image please attach the image as a file to your post. We will bypass this rule under the following conditions....1) the file is too large or 2) is apart of a project that would be better to link the project.
  • Text Talk/Acroynms. Leave out the text talk. atm (at the moment), IIRC (if i recall correctly). Stop assuming everyone knows what it means. You are on a forum, not texting your girlfriend. Dont type things like "can u plz". It looks like you do not give us the time to type properly. Why should we give you our time?
  • Links to code, errors, or output in off-site locations. Please use the proper BBCode and include it into the post. The only time it is okay to post a link to an off-site location is when your code is large enough to have its own repo and you are just linking the repo to your code (Github, Bitbucket, etc.) But if it is just for the sum of less than 500 lines of code then use the BBCode and insert it into the post itself.
  • Off-site link promotion Please do not use our platform for your advertisements. When linking to tutorials, be mindful of sharing for-profit (e.g. ad-heavy) resources when there are many truly free ones available. Such links are likely to be removed, and the poster may have future posts moderated rather than posted immediately. Repeat offenses may result in a ban. Please verify with the team any off-site promotion links first before posting by utilizing the Private Inquiries section to approve the link.

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